My name is Marcelo Salemme, Welcome and thank you for visiting AstroMgs. It is mainly dedicated to my favorite hobby "astrophotography".

I'm from Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Where I have my small observatory with a very polluted sky but inside the home, which allows me to go then.

I tell you a bit of my history with this beautiful science. I always liked looking at the sky and seasons have on my side, by the year 1986, Colegio Don Bosco Ramos Mejia which concurred, formed a Science Club for anyone interested. One of the workshops was to astronomy, which began to attend. This workshop was led by Paul M. Gonzales, whom I started in astronomy.

In this workshop, among other things, taught us to build a telescope, which with the help of my father began to build slowly. 5 months after I finished my first telescope.

From that moment I began to spend entire nights watching the sky. Day after day I was amazed at how big is the universe and the wonders that this entails.

By the year 1990 when I started my college career, I began to drift away from observation by lack of time.

I was away from my telescope many years. Around 2001, I return to my hobby.

The visual observation was in the beginning, the main activity, but over the nights started to try the astrofografia. The excitement and challenges grew night after night, going to be my main activity at the observatory.

The current CCD technology allows me to get very good results. They all require effort and dedication in the acquisition, processing and publication of the images. But the final results provide an incredible satisfaction.

Welcome back to Astromgs, take a few minutes, make yourself comfortable and I enjoy the pictures of this amazing universe.




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